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The collection of photos below were kindly contributed by Sara Sharpe (now Pienaar),
All taken between 1954 and 1956. I start with Sara's covering letter.

Hello, I have beeen fascinated by all the memories of St Mary’s T&C you have managed to collect. Thanks so much for them. It was an amazing school. I was at the school from 1953-6, a period from which you don’t seem to have many records. I’m still in touch with two girls from those times - Rachel Ibbetson (now Paul) in California and Kip Hampton (now Birkinshaw) in York.

All the very best and again, thank you for collecting together so much T&C memorabilia! , Sara Sharpe (now Pienaar), Cape Town

Sara Sharpe (now Pienaar), sitting on the wall outside 38 (or was it 40?) Eton Avenue.
Mrs Paul’s office window in the background. Summer 1954-6; not sure which

The girls in the tree are from left to right:
Susan Bisham-Holmes, Rosemary Lea, Nicole Weiss (a protégée of Mrs Paul), Gillian Booth (standing at the bottom), Kip Hampton (now Birkinshaw, lives near York) and Diana ?

The girls at the drinking fountain on the Heath Extension where we used to do athletics in a half-hearted way, are:
Linda Kano, Rosemary Lea, Diana ?, Gillian Booth and Kip Hampton

On a walk near the camp. Fro left to right:
Marie-Therèse (French exchange student), Susan Bisham-Holmes, Ailsa ?,
Susan Coddington (from Charleston South Carolina (her father was with the US armed forces), James Bromwich and John Hall.

The camp on a farm near Great Bardfield in Essex where our class and some younger children too, went two summers running.
Pretty basic by today’s standards. We had to stuff our own paillasses with hay and the tents weren’t waterproof.
One for girls and one for boys I think.

The donkey rider is John Hall. The caravan was parked near the camping site

The camp at Great Bardfield. Probably in 1955. A bunch of younger children with the donkey. Not sure of their names, but maybe they will recognise themselves

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