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The collection of photos below were kindly contributed by Steve McGuire via James McGuire
All taken 1971 or earlier. I start with his covering letter.

These photos were taken in 1971 by Steve McGuire, who was in the 1st Form during the 1970-1971 school year. Feel free to post as a Gallery on the site!

The McGuire family moved in the summer of 1970 from San Diego to London for a year when Bill McGuire (our Dad) had an appointment at the London School of Economics. We returned to New Haven, Connecticut in the summer of 1971. The three McGuire kids attended T & C for one year (1970-71) and got right to work making mischief with the other perpetrators. We are Steve McGuire (1st form in 1970-71), Anne McGuire (3rd Form), and Jim McGuire (4th Form). The attached photos are of the same vintage as many (not all) of the photos in Sharon Pinsker's Gallery 18. A picture of Steve McGuire is among these ones. A picture of Jim McGuire is in Sharon's Gallery 18.

I think they were taken in May 1971 or thereabouts, but it might have been earlier in the year. I scanned them a few months ago and ran them by Mike Baess (we tried to figure out who was in which

Alex Priest, Amanda Poole

Joel Arnoni (Mike Baess thinks) or David 2nd Form (Jim McGuire speculates; he forgot David's last name)

Four female faces; girl farthest to the right may be Marlo Gripp. They may be from the 2nd Form in 1971 (Jim McGuire speculates)

Mr. McMennemin, maths teacher

In playground, L to R: Sandra Casimir (?), ?, Amanda Poole (?), Mr Neville tackling Mark Williams (Jim McGuire speculates), ?,
Jeffrey Isbitt (Mike Baess thinks), ?, Jenny Williams

Mrs. Blythe, English teacher

Mrs. Kennelly, science teacher

Nicholas Casimir (Jim McGuire speculates)

Sandra Casimir

Playground. Mike Baess thinks this may be students who were in the 2nd Form in 1971.
The two boys, he thinks, are Doug (not sure last name) and Steven Halmai.
Among the girls, he thinks, are Deborah Warwick and Anna Papadopoulos

Steve McGuire

St Mary's Town & Country School, 38 Eton Ave. facade

Mike Baess thought it was Matthew Rees, but Matthew says it certainly isn't him who is standing with Peter Frieth (art teacher).
So anyone else got any ideas who the guy on the left is?

Tommy Tomascyk (sp.?), in 2nd Form 1971? (Jim McGuire speculates)

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