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The collection of photos below were kindly contributed by Lulu Hamilton (Glaser) leahsefad36(at)
All taken between 1971 and 1976. I start with Lulu's covering letter.

Dear Norman,
I found these photographs, apologies for the quality and phone camera. I think I was there from 1971 until 1976, it was definitely early to mid seventies.
I don't remember the names of everyone in the photos, just my friends.
I remember Mrs Bevan, and the endless semolina puddings. Going to the countryside for a few days, and sitting round a bonfire in the wood! .
I loved town and country school. Miss those days so much, and the wonderful friends I had there.
Thank you Norman, it means so much, to reconnect to those days.

Emma in this photo, not sure who the other girls are. I think the tall one second from left is from New Zealand.

Emma again, with a boy they want to be in the photo, his first name was George, all the girls adored him! There was a George adoration society!!


Martine Spiro on the right and the girl on the left was also a friend at the time, but I can't remember her name.
Shoshi Moussaieff (sp) looking through telescope in background. Family are well known international jewellers...

This is Emma Hardwick, daughter of the actor Edward.

There may be some more somewhere, if so will send them.
Kind regards,
Louise Glaser

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