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The photos/narrative below were contributed by Tom Gutteridge:
This is followed by two photographs from 1959 kindly sent in by Alison Tudor-Hart

Hi Norman,

In my previous guestbook entry I promised to scan some photos of a school pageant for you. That was five years ago but anyway here they are! It was an Elizabethan Feast with the pupils cast as various luminaries from that era of history. I'm attaching six of them which cover just about everyone who was in the class.

I've just returned to Melbourne after four very busy years running a theatre company in Perth. With a bit of time on my hands I went back for a look at your site. I'm impressed by the accumulating material on the guest book. For some reason though, no one else from my class seems to have stumbled on the website yet. Perhaps they have but were from the 'traumatised' faction of ex-TCers.

By the way, my sister's name is in the list of pupils but not mine*. I was there from '63 to '69.

Cheers, Tom Gutteridge
Melbourne, Australia

[*will be corrected!]

Tom Gutteridge,
Jason Brown

Fiona Hill and Adrian Selby

Janine Wingate, mystery person behind fan talks to Denise ?, Konrad ?

Jason Brown, Suzanne ?

Lyn ?, Kristine Blair, Shafique Omar

myself (with disturbing beard), victoria willing (the back of her head
anyway), tomi tomas tomacek

Dear Norman

You may remember that i wrote to you last year having found your website? I now have photocopies of the photographs from august 1959 when i was at the "country" house before i started at the school in sept.1959. There are just two photos, one with lots of us in what looks like the main sitting room of the house, (i think they might have called it a "drawing room"(!)..... a very small me with very blonde hair looking perhaps a bit like a fairy! ...on someone's knee! and another of three of us on the "see-saw" in the garden.

They are nice photographs I think. Unfortunately the originals are in my late mother's album which is not to be fragmented until after her partner's death so i just have these photocopies for now but they are ok i think.

By the way i still think your website is wonderful! i haven't visited since last year when i wrote to you and i am most impressed that you keep it updated. Do you give notice on the website of forthcoming reunions? I am living in New Cross SE14 now and would be very interested to go to a reunion.

Anyway, let me know if you want the photographs.

kind regards

Alison Tudor Hart

For those of us that attended T&C between 1961 & 1963 (Mrs Collins, Mrs Bevan & Miss Salisbury's classes, I have recently been in touch with Peter Latham, now known as Noa Latham. He lives in Canada these days by visits London from time to time, in connection with exhibitions and discourses about his parents, both emminent artists of their time
I digitally twisted his arm to supply a photograph of himself from the time, and he has come up with this picture, which was actually taken a while before he joined the school, but is how we will remember him.

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