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The photos/narrative below were contributed by Martin Bridger:

Easter 2008, Martin has sent six more photos, these are shown at the bottom of this page.

When I wrote to you in June, I promised to send some photographs which I said would follow. I hadn't quite planned that they should take me this long. Attached is a compressed Zip file containing seventeen photos. Some of the names of pupils have slipped my memory, I am hoping that others of that time will be able to fill in my gaps.

I have found the negatives for another ten which I will get printed unless I can find the prints. They are of George (Juerg) Haller being beaten up (posed for the photo) by Timothy Grimes (I think), also pictures of Gerald Davies, Donald Atkins, John Walton, Robin Nueberg playing cricket watched by teacher - David Cheetham.

Sorry, I don't have any photos of Esther Bateman or Bridget Callendar the matrons at 31 Glenlock Road. I remember Peter White, Donald Atkins, Michael Bunting but I am sorry to say I don't have any recollection of Charlie Kenton or Angelica Houston.

With all my very best wishes for 2008

Martin Bridger

Angela, Susan, Beatty Evans 1958-61

Back of John Walton. Gerald Davies behind, me Martin Bridger uphill facing, Hampstead Heath 1958-61

Beatty Evans + 3 - 1958-61

French students in 1st car -Joanna McEvoy + in 2nd. 1960

Gerald Davies, Joanna McEvoy, Lesley Goldstein & Beatty Evans 1958-61

Hann - 1958-61.

John Walton + ...1958-61.

John Walton, Gerald Davies Donald Atkins + Herne Bay 1959

Lillian Trigg - 1958-62 on Primrose Hill

Michael Schmidt, Donald Atkins. Southend 1960

No names known Southend 1960

Pamela Thompson + 2 - 1958-61

Pamela Thompson on Primrose Hill - 1959-62

Pamela Thompson on Primrose Hill. 1959-62

Robin Neuberg, Donald Atkins, Gerald Davies 1958-61.

Robin Nueberg sitting, Beatty Evans + ...1958-61.

Sarah & John Walton 1958-61

Easter 2008

These are six more pictures I found from the years 58 to 61 when I was at the old school.

One of the pictures I have labelled Timothy Grimes but it might have been Michael Bunting who was being strangled by John Walton?

If anyone can name the others who I have failed to name in any of the photos please let Norman know so he can keep an accurate historic record.

Happy Easter, Martin Bridger

Gerald Davies
Gerald Davies

Two girls in playground
Two girls in playground

Donald Atkins & David Cheetham

John Walton, Donald Atkins, Timothy Grimes, Peter & George Haller
John Walton, Donald Atkins, Timothy Grimes, Peter & George Haller

Unknown cricketer in playground

John Walton + Juliet Glaister

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