Elisabeth Paul (Nee Selver)
Born 11th March 1892, Germany
Died 4th February 1991, London N12

I plan to add new material and photographs about Mrs Paul, as they become available.

Of course I welcome any contributions you might be able to make, especially any
photographs of her that you may have stashed away

The first is a photograph from 1928, unearthed for us
by John O'Sullivan from her Livrett Universitaire Individuel Paris

In her entry in this book, as seen here, she indictaes she was born in Darmstadt-Hessen on 25th June 1908,

However this disagrees the the date on her death certificate given as 11th March 1892
and also her birth date implied on her marriage certificate
Does anyone have any ideas that could clarify this discrepancy?

The next two photographs were kindly supplied by Karl Rothamel,
he explains how he comes to have these remarkable photos of Mr & Mrs Paul taken before they were married:

Hello Norman!

Thank you for the pleasant web site on St. Mary's Town & Country School.

As Heinz Paul and my father were friends from school days on, I have 14 photos of him, single and within groups, but only the two of Elisabeth Selver. As my father noted “Dr. Elisabeth Selver” on the rear of the photo, it is likely Elisabeth and Paul were not married then.

Both photos were taken on the 15th of September 1931 at 5pm, near Darmstadt, Germany.

Pictured are Dr. Elisabeth Selver, Heinz Paul and my father Dr. Ludwig Rothamel.

With best regards
Karl Rothamel

Dr. Elisabeth Selver and Heinz Paul 15/09/31 5pm, near Darmstadt,,

Dr. Ludwig Rothamel, Dr. Elisabeth Selver and Heinz Paul 15/09/31.
Norman's Note: Although Mr Paul was known as an inveterate smoker, I was surprised to see Mrs Paul also used to smoke.

Below ar three screen shots from her TV interview
on BBC2's Six Sides of a Square - Wolds of their Own The Video of which can be seen here.