Firstly a scan of an official listing c. 1967

And below this; every staff member that I can recall, and those you have suggested
All in this block are from the 1940s to early 1980s, but in no particular order

WE have suprisingly little information or pictures of this remarkable woman, except that we now know that she was born in Germany 11th March 1892, and died at Elmhurst Residential Home, 81-85 Holden Road N12 on 4th February 1991 of Bronchopneumonia and Extreme Old Age according to her death certificate. It is believed she had no children except for all of us.

HEINZ (HEINRICH?) GUSTAV ADOLF PAUL [Elisabeth's Husband and at one time Co-Principal, she often called him Heinie, Higgy and later Paulie (pronounced powlie)]

Philip Neville Aka Edward Myerscough (Middle V/French)
Jean Bennet (English Literature - Cottage In Beckley, Sussex)
Mary Gorarra (Art)
Bruno Prosteau (French And Mrs Paul's Financial Advisor)
Kenneth J Johnston (Geography)
Mr Meulemann (Maths Science)
John Gayton (History)
Mrs Fehling (English)
Count Nikolai Tolstoy (History/English)
Mr Kimmel (Maths & Science)
Mrs Bevan (Lower Iv - No 40)
Miss Bevan (Lower V/English)
Mrs Salisbury (Middle Iv - No 40)
Miss Priest (Iii - No 40; Her Of The Extremely Large Knockers)
Mr Shell (History/English)
Miss Haak (German)
Wilma Alderdink (Matron)
Rosalind Critchlow (Matron)
Esther Bateman (Matron)
Bridgette Calendar (Matron)
Kenneth Lock (Geography)
Stella Brown (Art)
Mr Wilkinson
Stuart Nash (Pianist - Wearer Of White Socks Long Before Michael Jackson)
Mr Atkinson (German)
Mr Robeson (Maths)
Mrs Edmonton (Matron)
Mrs Perrott (Matron)
Mrs Gilbert (Art)
Mrs Mary Sufit (Class Teacher)
Miss Trasvinski (Ballet)
Mr Wilson (Maths/Science)
Mr Bantock (He Of The Brown Velvet Jacket)
Miss Mennel (Middle Iv)
David Cheetham (French)
Mrs Duffield (Matron)
Mr Hitchcock (Middle Iv)
Mrs Holman (Middle Iv - Totally Deaf)
Miss Mcgonigal (German Teacher Yet Scottish!)
Miss Robeson (Science)
Pat Smythe (Matron Had A Mean Streak)
Anna Grimes (Far Too Nice To Be Our Matron - Ex Pupil!)
Joshua Pilkington Thomas (Art - Ex Pupil!)
Mrs Robb(No 40)
Mr & Mrs Sylvain (Could Be Sylvane), He Taught French/Science, She Was Robin's Form Teacher
Mr Papalophagos (That's How It's Pronounced Anyway) - Art Teacher From Poland, Also Played Piano
Mrs Bunting (Junior School Teacher)
Mrs Belloni (Junior School Teacher)
Mr Mcmennemum (Maths)
Peter Freeth (Art)
Mrs Kennerly (Science)
Mr Northolt (Science)
Mrs Blythe (Australian)
Miss Gough
Miss Palmwell
Miss Barbera Smith
Miss Lucas
Mr Williams (Uncle Willy)
Miss Heller
Mr Brown (Geography)
Mme Chagrin (Maths)
Miss Margaret Dodds (Reception class)
Miss Rosamund Gardner (Mrs Paul's deputy for many years)
Mr Graham (Succeeded Miss Gardner as deputy head)
Mr Gubbin (Maths)
Mrs Elizabeth Isaacs (English)
Mrs Caroline Nicholson (History, Drama, Netball)
Mrs Margaret Noyes (English)
Mr John Silkin (Poetry and brought out the Anthology)
Mr Nicholas Walter (History)
Mr Robin Wood (English Mr Gubbins (Science)
Miss Gardner ('acting' head teacher)
Mrs Noyes (English)
Caroline Nicholson (History, 50's TV celebrity) )

Non Teaching Staff

Mrs Plummley (Office)
Anne Smythe (Cook)
Freda (Thursday Cook - Weiner Schnitzel, her speciality)
Mrs Ansborough (Mrs 'A' - Cook - No 40)
Alice (Boarding House Cleaner, her husband Stan was our milkman)
Nancy Weatherall (Hedgerley Wood domestic & Borzoi enthusiast)
Helen (Hedgerley Wood domestic - Greek & emotional gave me my first taste of Ouzo!)


Dennis Bradley & Brother (Bradley's Coaches)
Huw Thomas (Yes the news reader!) often drove us to Hedgerley on Fridays

Mrs Paul's Entourage

Dr Meyer (Psycho - Lived near Finchely Road tube)
Dr Gillespie (Alexander Technique - Could cause blackouts In 10 seconds by applying pressure to a certain part of the neck* and worryingly seeming to enjoy it - *a technique later perfected by Mr Spock! )
Professor Glas (Piano - I had the priviledge of having tuition on the famed Bechstein Grand, but unfortunately he put me off learning to play, by spitting in my ear "gooddis - gooddis!" if I played well, but resulted in me wanting to play badly)

The following names were kindly submitted by John Morrison and cover the late 1940s
He has also provided many pupil names, but these are incorporated into the main list

Staff and others

Aileen - art teacher
Miss Athol - History teacher, kept our attention with marvellous stories
Miss Jean Bennett - amazing presence and quiet friendly control with a look or a word; her cottage in Beckley was near my parents' cottage in Peasmarsh, West Sussex, though I never went there.
Mr & Mrs Bernhard - Mr Bernhard was not a teacher. He grew great quantities of wonderful vegetables in the walled market garden in the grounds. Staff and pupils could opt for meat or vegetarian diet.
Lord Braye - not staff, but occasionally appeared, as the school occupied his ancestral home
Leslie Fairchild - something of a revolution; initiated the early morning run from the house to the waterfall and back, and taught sport and maths. Mrs Fairchild was there too, but no fair children.
Mr & Mrs Gibson - owned the infamous bull terrier "Topsy". Mr Gibson had a beautuiful baritone singing voice. A few staff and pupils including myself (Val) joined Mr Williams in the Ballroom once a week for 'serious' singing evenings.
Margaret "Maggie" Lewis - riding teacher, with her favourite horse "Ladybird". She owned the whole stable of horses, and gave the responsibility of their care to keen seniors. We 'mucked them out', groomed them, cleaned their tack, schooled them,and the best riders competed with them in local Gymkhanas.
The Misses Nee - matrons for the boys dormitory, sisters from Estonia. I was ashamed when they were teased.
Mrs Owen - the girls' kindly and respected matron
Mr Len Parkyn - school bursar, I remember him for caring for the pocket money, catching a rat, and then he was for some unknown reason sacked from the school
Mrs Elisabeth Paul - most of us know her, the "queen" of Stanford Hall.
Mrs Selver, Mrs Paul's mother. Had the rather grand drawing-room behind a secret panel.
Heinz Gustav Adolf Paul ("Henry" or "Higgy") - nothing he liked better than to play the piano to himself in the ballroom or drive off in his sports car with dog "Monty" in hot pursuit; I think he was really a composer who sometimes taught German and signed school reports; took me to hospital in Rugby in that car when my thumb was dislocated playing football
Margaret Pollock (husband Peter?) had a beautiful soprano singing voice.
Mike Pollock - brother of Margaret, was a brilliant trick rider, seen around a lot with Jill Kennedy (Kennard?)
Mrs Reynolds
Mrs Thomas
Harry Walker - local handyman who could transform into a ballroom dancer
Marion and Doris, on the cleaning staff, taught us Old Time Dancing. We loved the intricacies! Harry Walker may have been a relative of theirs. Occasionally we all went to Old Time dances in local village Halls.
Mark Walker - no relation of Harry, taught English.
James Williams - in music lessons, could sing Welsh folksongs louder than the whole class, but not very good at keeping control of my class (I was ashamed of them for spoiling the lesson). Not much hair and a moustache.

In memory of
Elisabeth Paul (Nee Selver)
Born 11th March 1892, Germany
Died 4th February 1991, London N12