St. Mary's Town and Country School started in 1937 when a small school called St. Mary's was taken over in co-operation with Mrs. Ena Curry, of Dartington Hall, as a progressive educational day school. It continued to be built up at Hereford during the Second World War and the day school reopened in 1945 at 38 Eton Avenue, while the boarding school was at Stanford Park near Rugby. Pupils were interchanged between town and country, and from 1951 often used a weekend and summer school at the 16 acre Hedgerley Wood. In 1951 there were 144 girls and boys of all ages including 17 boarders. In 1969 it was proposed to adapt a house in Glenloch Road, formerly used for boarders, for teachers' accommodation and as a laboratory. (fn. 38) The school was recognized by 1960; and by 1974 it had 186 girls and boys aged 4 to 16. It closed c. 1983.

From: 'Hampstead: Education', A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 9: Hampstead, Paddington (1989), pp. 159-169. URL:

No. 38, Eton Avenue, NW3

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Location in London, NW3


Hedgerley Wood, Located between West Wycombe & Chinnor

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I clearly remember the changeover from pale blue to navy.

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