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One of the few decent pictures that I took;
In the basement dining room,
l - r Gregory Gibson, Pat Smythe (Matron), John O'Sullivan and Anne Smythe (Cook).
Also worthy of note, the oppressive hexagonal tiling

The only picture I have of Bill Dennis, (John O'Sullivan behind),
taken when John and I, uninvitedly and unexpectedly,
descended on Bill during his Summer Holiday with parents
at La Lavendou, on the French Riviera - Bill where are you now!?

Arabella Seeds

Claire Green

Melanie King

Mr Kimmel - Maths & Science

Vincent Young (As always, with a good selection of pens in his pocket)

Not a good photo of Vincent,
but the only picture of (Left) Carole Klein & Janet Goldsmith.
(Janet, who I particularly liked, and affectionately called "Chutchie")

Truly a member of the T&C, he attended more English lessons than I did!
Peter, Miss Jean Bennett's faithful dog, is seen here sitting on the front lawn of Woodgate Cottage, Beckley, Sussex.
He would follow her into each classroom as she taught English Literature on a Thursday in every class in the Junior and Senior houses.

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I plan to add many photos and other memorabilia, indeed I even have recordings of French Without Reading and Music Lessons with Mr Neville & Mr Nash! Perhaps you have something you could submit for inclusion, The teachers? The buildings? Hedgerley Wood?
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