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Special Thanks to John Ker, who provided most of these photographs. Do you have some we could use? please contact me by email
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Three of Joshua Thomas

Lynne Swaine

Two of the Girls, (incl Claire, Ilona & Melanie)

[Note from Majid] Here you see me with my uncle Hossein and Jean
My uncle Hossein is holding Pansie he went on to graduate in Medicine from Oxford and graduate work at Cambridge
At his graduation ball the recently formed Rolling Stones played He went on to be on the first team that did a kidney transplant in England
Some years later an American senator from St Louis gave him American citizenship and brought him over to the US
He went on to create kidney centers first in N Carolina then Florida I loved visiting him in Florida Unfortunately he died of a heart attack at 40
His legacy to me was a Rolex submarina, a mackintosh amp and pre amp and an ever lasting love of Sheffield steel Joe Cocker played at max volume

Majid's Uncle Hossein
with a very young Majid Tabatabai and Jean Bennett,
sitting on doorstep of Woodgate Cottage, Beckley, Sussex.

Two of Melanie King

Michael Mannan at right

Middle V between lessons;
L to R; three girls unidentified
Seated person hidden by thrown object by Majid Tabatabai (or someone who looks very much like him!
Theo Lemos looks on bemused, Vincent Young

Mr Paul at Hedgerley Wood

Nicholas Ede, two others unknown, Jennifer Beacham, Peter Ford (now known as Charlie) and Amanda Grimes.
Ever modest, he says: "As usual, I am between two girls !!!!!"

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I plan to add many photos and other memorabilia, indeed I even have recordings of French Without Reading and Music Lessons with Mr Neville & Mr Nash! Perhaps you have something you could submit for inclusion, The teachers? The buildings? Hedgerley Wood?
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