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The two b/w photos below were contributed by Christine Boudier (see her email) they are circa 1955/56

Do you know any other names that you could fill in for us?

L-R Christine Boudier, Juliet Glaister & Nicolette Richards

Our thanks to Christine for sending these for the website

A painting, that used to hang at the school for many years, has resurfaced after being sold at an auction
I remember it very well, perhaps you do too? It used to hang in the Music Room Alcove.
Inscribed "Sarah Susan Summer Term 1961" I am uncertain of the two artists,
They might be be Susan Friedberg, Susan Rappaport or Susan Collier & Sarah Berman or another Sarah?
I might have missed some possibilities, perhaps you know more accurately?
If so, let me know who (or who not) and I will ascribe the work correctly.

So how did I come by the painting? The answer is very interesting.
Below is an email I recieved from Fergus Cochran which explains all:

Dear Mr Barrington,
I have just bought (yesterday) at a local auction house, here in Penzance,
a beautiful & very large painting. It is of a harbour /quay side scene
inscribed Sarah Susan Summer term 1961
The label, which I hadnít noticed till later on the back is per attachment.

The painting has a very special feel, and looking at your website I can understand why..

Kind Regards Fergus.
P.S. The painting measures 195cm x 126cm

So thank you Fergus! Thanks for taking the time to write and send a scan too.
I see that the label led to you finding the T&C site.
Your comments tell us that the special nature of our school shows through these pages,
so that even a person unaquainted with The T&C, picks up on that feeling.

Are there any other T&C works of art out there, we could put into the gallery?

What a shame the music room mural by Joshua Thomas featuring Napoleon's Retreat is lost
I wonder if anyone thought to photograph it?


Here is another familiar picture which used to hang on the 1st floor of No 38
on the wall between Middle V (formerly 'Transition') and Mrs Paul's Room.

The Fifer by Manet

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