L to R: The Author aged 15, Bill Bird & Theo Lemos

My Name is Norman Barrington, I was a former full-time boarder at the Town & Country School from April of 1961 to July 1968.
There is no doubt in my mind that the T&C was a special place.
Partly because of the remarkable teaching staff, and it's extraordinary headmistress, Mrs Elizabeth Paul.
Partly because of the rich mix of talented pupils, and I think
Partly due to that particular era, and perhaps, even the geographic location.

I felt it was appropriate to memorialise the school, and remember some of the wonderful personalities that I met there. This website might also prove useful to anyone wishing to regain contact with former schoolfriends, and in this respect I would love to here from you. Indeed, I would be delighted to add your story to the site, or maybe you might just like to send me your contact details. (see pupils section)

I plan to add many photos and other memorabilia, indeed I even have recordings of French Without Reading and Music Lessons with Mr Neville & Mr Nash! Perhaps you have something you could submit for inclusion, The teachers? The buildings? Hedgerley Wood? - whatever you have that you could share. Meanwhile, below are some personal photos taken during my time at T&C but also since, in case you wonder how I look since!

Here aged 9, a little before starting at Town & County; in the back yard at home, 29 Diana Road, Walthamstow, E.17

Aged 10

My portrait at age 12 years, by Stella Brown, our art teacher.
I can clearly remember sitting on the radiator at the front window
of the Assembly/Music/Art/FWR room for this.

Aged 15 - detail of top image, Here I have electronically corrected the orientation of my school badge, which I actually wore upsidedown (see top) - an early sign of rebellion!

Aged 16 or 17 - Already hit by the radio bug, here on Hospital Radio Manchester, a short while after leaving T&C
My daytime job was in Merchant Banking in the City.

By 20, I had left Wm. Brandt,s & Sons for the North Sea, here (centre) in the 'Mess Room' after, what looks like, a stoned show

Age 21, in 'super-star' pose outside Caroline Offices

Age 22, in my cabin before a stoned show?

Age 24, Another change of Job and Country.
1976 sees me as Tractor Man & GFW in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

And here, still in Scotland but 20 years later, my whole family, Christopher, Me (less hair), Esther, and my wife Dorothy